सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन:
सर्वे सन्तु निरामया:।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु।
मा कश्चित् दु:खभाग भवेत् ।।
Happiness be unto all.
Perfect health be unto all.
May all see what is good.
May all be free from suffering.
4. Science of Breathing ( Pranayama )
The Fourth Constituent of Yoga )
The science of breathing ( Pranayama ) is very helpful in making mental and spiritual progress. It is equally important for physical improvement and maintaining health.

The great men who discovered the science of breathing have laid down certain instructions of practicing it. One of them says " Breathing properly practiced, cures all diseases, but improperly done, it causes all ailments. Many people have suffered and are suffering from various diseases due to faulty ways of practising Pranayama. The only way to overcome such fears therefore to put oneself under the tuition of an instructor ( Guru ) who can give correct directions.

Some methods of Pranayama have become classical. Besides this there are 50 traditional forms of Pranayam. If practised along with the Yogic postures , the effects or benefits of Pranayama are manifold. The Yoga Sutra says that by the practice of Yoga the impurities disappear and knowledge begins to shine and culminates in self-realisation.

There are some Pranayama which should not done in summer like ( Sitakara, Sitali, Sitakari )

The breathing exercises should not be taken after merely reading books on the subject or even observing at practice of these. In the earlier stages the excesses should be done under the immediate guidance of experienced instructors.

for failing the full benefit from the breathing exercises, one should control one's diet, behaviour, activities, actions, sleeping and waling hours. These rules must be strictly observed.

Great Philosopher Manu says " As the impurities of mental are burnt down when they are put in a furnace, similarly the impurities of the sense organs are removed by the control of Breath" In fact, not only the impurities of the sense organs but also those of the mind are removed, the mind is also brought under control. Scientific breathing makes a man strong like an elephant and courageous like a lion.